CSA Share for 2010 Week One

The early spring here made for a good pickup this week.  This week’s share consists of:
  • Haikurei turnips
  • lettuce
  • big bunch of spinach
  • garlic scapes
  • one dozen eggs
  • pick your own herb bunch
Tonight I cut off the tops of the turnips and put them in a bag, and stored the turnips in a separate bag. I bagged up the garlic scapes, spinach, and lettuce separately, and then put everything and the eggs  in the fridge.  I also put the herb bunch in a glass with water and put it in the fridge.   Using a salad spinner, I washed up some lettuce and spinach for a very fresh side salad for tonight’s dinner.  The best way to wash greens is to put them in the spinner, fill the spinner up with water and let sit for a few minutes to allow the dirt to sink to the bottom.  Then fish out the greens, dump the water, and spin away.   You can serve the greens right in the spinner bowl, and then put the top on and any leftovers go right into the fridge.  Nice and easy.

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