CSA Share for 2010 Week Three

A very colorful share this week!  Mounds of red radishes, white turnips, and purple kohlrabi looked great in the veggie shed.  In this week’s share is:

  • Haikurei turnips
  • lettuce
  • bunch of radishes
  • purple kohlrabi
  • swiss chard
  • summer squash
  • chinese cabbage
  • garlic scapes
  • pick your own herb bunch

Right when I got home, I cut off all of the tops to the radishes, turnips and kohlrabi, and combined them all in a bag in the fridge; I will work on freezing these tomorrow.  All the bottoms went into one bag in the fridge.   I then washed and spun the whole head of lettuce to use over the next few days.  For the herbs, if I remember, I will bring a glass to the farm with a little bit of water in it.  Then I just put my snipped herbs right into the water glass and they stay extra fresh.  When I get home, the herb glass simply goes right into the fridge.

We started out tonight with shredded lettuce on our homemade subs. Since I don’t have much time before dinner on pickup day, and after spending time separating and storing my share, I don’t usually do much with the veggies for dinner that night.  I keep it simple by using the fresh lettuce or maybe a plate of raw kohlrabi, etc.  The zucchini would also be quick and easy to slice and toss with olive oil and salt/pepper, then broil or bake for just a bit in the toaster oven.


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