CSA Share, Week Five, Day One

Another Thursday of planning what to do with and processing my veggies, mostly the greens.  For the beet greens and the swiss chard, I saved half of each bunch to use fresh throughout the week in smoothies and stir-fries, and then blanched the other half of each and froze them.  I did the same for the kale, but will use the fresh half for another kale salad (recipe to be posted this weekend).  The arugula ended up the same way as last week:  in arugula pesto.  However, thanks to a member’s comment, I saved a bit of it fresh to use in my Black Bean Tostada Casserole sometime this week.

Now for the “non-greens.”  The beets went into the fridge; I like just boiling them and eating them as is, but the pickled beets idea in this week’s CSA newsletter sounded interesting, and is something I’ve never tried.  Lots of zucchini this week, so I saved several in my veggie drawer to use for oven-baked zucchini (see my previous post) later on this week, or maybe in zucchini muffins.  The large zucchini I just diced up and put in a plastic bag and then into the freezer; this is great to grab in the middle of winter to use in my chicken noodle/vegetable soup.  It really is fantastic to have a bunch of frozen farm veggies in the freezer to use during the winter (to put a spin on what Alton Brown is wont to say:  your efforts WILL be rewarded).  For the cucumbers, I put one in my veggie drawer to eat fresh, and used the other one to make refrigerator pickles, which my family LOVES (recipe to be posted in the near future).  I’ve really been looking forward to making these pickles again, and am getting my chance earlier than expected this year due to the early growing season.

Looking forward to hearing what YOU are doing with your share this week!


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