CSA Share, Week Five, Day Six

Time to get ready for tomorrow’s pickup by making as much room in my veggie drawer as possible.  The remaining greens went into my smoothie this afternoon, and I boiled up the beets,  some of which I just had plain, and then tried Anne’s idea in the newsletter of pickling the rest in sugar and vinegar (I did half vinegar, half water).  Can’t wait to try those!  After boiling your beets, does anyone use the beet water for anything?  It seems a shame to pour that bright red water down the drain.

Tonight I used up the rest of my zucchini by making oven-baked zucchini again (see my previous post) with our pasta dinner.  I tossed my pasta with my leftover arugula pesto (my family still needs to get used to this bold-tasting pesto; they’re fans of basil pesto), and used up some of my remaining garlic scapes in their pasta sauce.  So, I’ve still got a half head of cabbage in my veggie drawer, along with more garlic scapes and half a cucumber, which leaves plenty of room for tomorrow’s veggies.  Oh, and there’s still some radishes in there, so time for some more bread and butter with radishes.


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