CSA Share, Week Six, Day Six

We just got back from a long camping weekend in Vermont.  Before we left, I had preserved all my greens, and made and froze some basil pesto.  For our camping trip, I brought along cucumber spears, zucchini to roast over the fire, and a big container of shredded cabbage/sunflower seeds/raisins, along with a jar of Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.  This is a great camping salad, because I combine the cabbage and dressing right before serving, which helps it to stay fresh.  I do love getting cabbage in our share, since it lasts so long in the fridge and I just keep cutting off big sections of it.

I tried the idea in last week’s newsletter of soaking radish slices in vinegar (I happened to use brown rice vinegar) before putting the slices on my buttered bread.  Amazing!  It did turn them very mild and tasty, tasty, tasty.  I also took a quick look at tastespotting.com, which was recommended by a couple members in last week’s newsletter.  The photos are amazing!  Thanks for the tip; I’ll certainly be visiting this site.

I tried to schedule a recipe post to be published this weekend while we were away, but apparently I didn’t do it right.  So, my Refrigerator Dill Pickles recipe is now posted and ready for you to use on those cukes.  Our first batch was ready when we got home.  Yum!


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