CSA Share, Week Ten, Day Five

I am now officially a fan of okra.  I made the Indian Okra from last week’s newsletter for dinner last night, and will certainly make it again.  I had picked a big handful from the farm’s pick-your-own bed, and stored them in my veggie drawer.  All I had to do for prep was simply wash them up and slice them; could not be easier!  I surfed and found that okra is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, the B-complex vitamins, calcium and iron.  Has an interesting history, too, as I read on wikipedia.  I added carrots to my Indian Okra,  and chicken to some of it, and served it over brown rice. Also, instead of the various spices called for in the recipe, I just used about a tablespoon of curry powder.   I used all the okra I had picked, but I know where I can get much more of it!

Last week, I did try making kale chips.   While the ones that were baked perfectly were very good, I had trouble timing it just right and ended up burning most batches.  Maybe it’s because I used my toaster oven with possible uneven heat?  Oh well.

I had planned on freezing my big lot of tomatoes, but instead made a simple marinara sauce a couple of times.  I posted the recipe last weekend.  My family loved its fresh, simple flavor, and the cooler weather made it fun to cook and eat over pasta.  A fantastically easy way to use up excess tomatoes, and makes good use of the farm garlic and basil.

We all loved the Asian melon, and are looking forward to breaking into the watermelon today.  I found that the trick to a super-sweet melon is to pick it at its peak of ripeness, which our farm does expertly.  Ahhh, the benefits of being a CSA member!


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