CSA Share, Week Thirteen, Day Seven

The Chinese cabbage we received last week was quite large, so here’s a few more cabbagey ideas (and of course you can always chop and freeze part of your Chinese cabbage for later use in winter soups):

Try the Cabbage with Indian Spices, which appeared in one of our farm’s newsletters from 2007 — Vol 10 10 (August 20,2007) — and has been a favorite of mine.  I usually use red or green cabbage in this recipe, so since I used Chinese cabbage, I reduced the covered cooking time to just a few minutes (instead of 10 to 20 minutes).  Also, if using both the top and bottom of the cabbage, cook the bottom, thicker part longer.  I like to add chickpeas to this recipe (but only had white beans on hand when I made and photographed this).

One more idea is to make a quick cabbage salad, as described in one of my first recipe posts, A Summer Dressing Recipe.  This dressing is still great to have on hand as we approach the fall season.  VERY yummy.


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