CSA Share, Week Sixteen, Day Six

Last night for dinner, I used one of our sweet potatoes in this Chicken and Vegetable Coconut Curry dish.  It was terrific, and made use of four of the veggies from last week’s share:  onions, garlic, red (or green) peppers, and sweet potato.  What’s great about this dish is you can substitute any kind of veggie or meat for what is called for, and she suggests that you can even replace the meat with chickpeas for a vegetarian version.  However, the only way I strayed from the recipe last night was topping it with plain yogurt.  One thing I would do differently next time is to add the more delicate veggies, such as the frozen peas and green beans, more towards the end of the cooking time.  This is a very good cooler-weather recipe, and the coconut milk base makes this something a little out-of-the-ordinary (at least for us).

The other dish that I brought to our farm party, besides the chocolate cake I talked about in my last post, was Tomatillo Salsa Verde (with bean and cheese quesadillas on the side).  This was the first time I made salsa out of our farm tomatillos (and was inspired by a member’s comment regarding her recipe plans).   I was surprised by how very easy it was to make.  I chose the roasting method over the boiling method for tomatillo preparation.  I also used our farm parsley over cilantro (I am NOT a cilantro fan).

Regarding our kale from last week, I changed my mind and made Pureed Kale again (see my previous post) instead of the Pasta with Lentils and Kale.  I tell you, that is one goooood way to eat kale.  I think it is best right after it’s made, when still warm.  I wolfed it down by scooping it up with crackers.  Again, I added some cream cheese to the recipe, making it turn out somewhat like creamed spinach.


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