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Look What I Found in My Freezer!

The summer-like weather here in New England over this past weekend really got me thinking about and looking forward to the beginning of our CSA season in a couple of months.  But then today, with its 43 degrees and rainy weather, got me thinking about soup!  So I assessed the contents of my outdoor freezer, dove to the bottom, and discovered what I’d frozen and forgotten over last year’s busy CSA summer.

It seemed as though I would never get to the end of all my frozen greens, but now I find myself really appreciating my small remaining stash.  I have already used all my frozen kale and bok choi, and what is left are about ten little baggies, including turnip greens, beet greens, and radish greens. I remembered that last year I had found a tasty-sounding Radish Top Soup recipe, so today that is the final destination of my last two baggies of radish greens.  This soup is mild, comforting, and healthful–just what I wanted on this rainy day.  Since I didn’t have any onions on hand that the recipe called for, I substituted some of the last of my frozen chopped leeks. (The rest of the leeks will go atop our pizza this week.)  I served it with a bit of cream cheese.

In addition to the greens and leeks, I found a couple of big bags of diced and pureed zucchini and a bag of Chinese cabbage, which will be great in future dishes of Inside-Out Dumplings.

And that’s it!  Those June pickup days can’t come too soon now for me.