CSA Share for 2011 Week Two

Even though I wasn’t able to pick up my share this week, I see from reading our newsletter online that we got more of those beautiful greens which means you’ll be making more salads this week.  So, you need my essential Summer Dressing recipe.  I posted about it early on last season, and it bears repeating:  this is a GREAT recipe for summertime.  Quick to make and lasts a long time in the fridge, you really need this right now while we’re getting all of our early-summer fresh lettuce (but don’t forget to add some of the smaller spinach leaves to your salads).  I also see that the delicious Haikurei turnips are here, so be sure to scrub, slice, and add them right into your salads, too.

Also, if it looks like you won’t be able to get to all your spinach (or any of your greens, except lettuce, throughout the year), remember to freeze what’s left before it goes bad; you will really appreciate having some farm greens in your freezer in the middle of the winter.


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