CSA Share for 2011 Week Five

We were out of town over the weekend, uncharacteristically eating out for every meal.  You can imagine how marvelous it was to have a giant homemade salad right when we got home on Monday (our farm lettuce fared surprisingly well in my veggie drawer during the week).  So, before you go on vacation, wash up and prepare your veggies before you go, so you can enjoy them as soon as you return.  You’ll be happy you did.

In our share this week:

  • lettuce
  • swiss chard
  • Chinese cabbage
  • basil
  • beets
  • cucumbers
  • summer squash

Usually I like to prepare the first beets of the season as simply as possible, but I couldn’t wait to make My Sister’s Beet Salad again.  I got this recipe very late in the season last year, and it’s just so good, I didn’t get to make it enough last year.  Today I took Farmer Anne’s advice and didn’t bother de-skinning them after I boiled them, with good results; I couldn’t tell the difference.  Also, save your beet greens and try a few in your next summer smoothie.

By the way, if you don’t need your veggie trimmings for your own compost, save them and give them to the farm pigs, goats, and sheep during your next pickup.  They’ll love you for it.  I store my bagged trimmings in the freezer for the week till the next pickup day.


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