CSA Share for 2011 Week Eight

We’re certainly getting a variety of veggies this time of year.  I was glad to see the radishes, arugula, and mizuna.  It took me a few years to really appreciate the mizuna and especially the arugula, but I really look forward to them now.  In our share this week:

  • lettuce
  • mizuna
  • arugula
  • bok choy
  • summer squash
  • radishes
  • cucumber
  • green beans
  • tomatoes

I took Farmer Anne’s advice from this week’s newsletter and sauteed up some arugula with cherry tomatoes, then added some penne pasta, feta cheese, and lemon juice (and pepper).  Fantastic!  The lemon juice was a very tasty touch.  I’ve also made a pesto with the arugula, just following my standard pesto recipe but replacing the basil with arugula (see my post from last year).

Since last year, my favorite way of enjoying those radishes is on bread with butter (see Radish, Butter and Bread over at whatscookingamerica.net).   Simple, easy and delicious.  And I have to say, wow, are those tomatoes are delicious!  They ripen up beautifully on the counter, don’t they?


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