CSA Share for 2011 Week Twelve

Check out the new search feature over at the Bear Hill Farm CSA website!   I’ll be using this handy tool a lot in the future, when I want to quickly find recipes that I vaguely remember seeing printed in old newsletters.  LOVE it!

In our share this week:

  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • carrots
  • Tropea onions
  • summer squash
  • tomatoes
  • garlic

Whenever I have medical questions that I’m researching, and since I’m a native Minnesotan, I usually head over to the Mayo Clinic website.  They have hundreds of healthy recipes on the site, and so I thought I’d share some of the results of my recipe-surfing with you (one for each veggie in this week’s share):

Kale:  Braised Kale with Cherry Tomatoes

Swiss Chard:  Fettuccine with Swiss Chard and Mushrooms

Carrots:   Baby Minted Carrots

Tropea Onions:  Lentils with Wild Rice and Crispy Onions

Summer Squash:   Steamed Summer Squash with Warm Leek Vinaigrette

Tomatoes:   Lima Bean Ragout with Tomatoes and Thyme

Garlic:   Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Thyme and Garlic

Happy, healthy eating to you!


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