CSA Share for 2012 Week Four

Even though I’ve been a member for 14 years now, I still learn something new every year.  Collards are my new “discovery.”   I’ve always shyed away from them, but last week’s collards went into a dish that was just delicious (more on this below). In our share this week:

  • choice of greens (I chose kale and collards)
  • choice of cabbage or cauliflower (I chose cauliflower)
  • beets
  • summer squash
  • potatoes
If you would like a nice and mild intro to collards, just saute a bunch of diced garlic scapes along with the collards, then added some white kidney (cannellini) beans and pepper.  Boy, is that a perfect combination.  Wrap in all in a whole-wheat wrap, and it will make a great lunch.  I’ve found a Kale with Sausage and White Beans recipe online which is similar to what I made (minus the sausage, onions, and broth).
Another easy greens recipe is one I came across in The Cleaner Plate Club, a new cookbook I found at the library.  This cookbook focuses on getting kids to eat healthily, but is a good reference for anyone who is trying to get more veggies in their life.  I cooked this up when spinach was in our share a few weeks ago, but you can use any of our greens in place of the spinach.    I’ve found the recipe online here; it is very simple and cooks up in no time at all.
Tonight I will use the cauliflower and potatoes in a simple curry dish over rice.  Here’s an easy Potato and Cauliflower Curry that you can try (be sure to read the Comments under this recipe, as they give some good tips and variations).  Because we’re in the thick of summer, try cubing the potatoes and cauliflower quite small so they cook faster, allowing you less stove-time.  Also, make a big batch so there will be leftovers that you can eat cold in a wrap the next day.
I was very glad to see beets again this week, since I burned my whole batch last week while cooking them!   I was so craving My Sister’s Beet Salad, but I get another chance this week.  Hurray!

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