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CSA Share for 2012 Week Eighteen

This week was our last CSA pickup.  However, it certainly wasn’t the last of the duties for our farmers.  They are already thinking ahead to growing our veggies for NEXT year.  Preparing and enriching the soil, planting garlic, and turning the compost pile are but a few among many preparations that need to be done now.  All we need to do is rest assured that our farmers are taking good care of the fields, and dream of the fresh veggies we’ll receive next year.

In our share this week:

  • kale
  • arugula
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • beets

The farm party was SO much fun, and the weather decided to cooperate after all…it was a beautiful night.  I can’t believe the spread our farmers put out, with all the grilling meat, carving pumpkins, bonfire setup, and s’more supplies.  Truly amazing.  And as always, my husband, boys, and I were in food-heaven with the ever-changing buffet in the farm stand.  People really put in their best effort for their farm party food creations.

I did make the squash pie I mentioned in my last post, and it was  delicious.  I used our buttercup squash, as the Squash Pie recipe suggested.  For my crust, I used the Winter Squash Pie recipe’s no-roll pie crust recipe, which was fantastic and very easy to make.  (As you can see in the photo, I couldn’t stop “tasting” the final product!) I’ll randomly post tasty recipes that I find and try throughout the “off-season,” and of course if anyone hits upon a great dish, just let me know and I’ll post it.

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CSA Share for 2012 Week Seventeen

When our farmer mentioned squash pie in our newsletter this week, I knew I had to find a recipe and try it.  I’ve made pumpkin pie aplenty, but have never tried, nor even thought of, making squash pie.  Try it with me this week!

In our share this week:

  • kale
  • mizuna
  • onions
  • peppers
  • green beans
  • beets
  • acorn squash
  • buttercup squash

While searching for a delicious-sounding squash pie recipe, I came across the perfect one, Squash Pie, due to its recommendation to use buttercup squash which is in our share this week.  For my pie, I’ll probably use a combination of that recipe and a couple of others:  Winter Squash Pie and Acorn Squash Pie.

If you need ideas for your farm party dish, check out my Recipe Box page.  See you all at the party!

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