CSA Share for 2013 Week Four

swiss chardI love those BIG bunches of greens!  So so healthy for you.  And isn’t that colorful chard gorgeous?  In our share this week:

  • swiss chard
  • beets
  • kale
  • cucumbers
  • basil

If you are wondering what to do with the giant bunches of greens we are getting, try what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.  I take all my greens (kale, collards, beet greens), rinse them, then saute them all together in a large pot with olive oil till tender; this really reduces their volume.  I then let them cool a bit, add the other ingredients called for in this Kale Salad recipe, and put it all in a container in the fridge.  Then, over the coming week, it’s easy to add a bit of this mixture each day atop Tortilla Pizza, in any type of stir-fry, into burritos or sandwich wraps,  and over pasta.  The big advantage is that you wash, cook, and prepare it once and then you’re done, plus it frees up space in your veggie drawer.

If you know you won’t get to the cooked-down greens this week, just cook them down, let them cool, then throw them in a freezer bag.  They’ll be waiting for you in the fall or winter.

(Top image courtesy of flickr)


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