CSA Share for 2013 Week Eight

4-IMG_5413I tried Anna’s pizza crust recipe in this week’s newsletter, and we loved it!  Such an easy and fun way to use pretty much any of our veggies.  In our share this week:

  • arugula
  • kale/collards
  • mizuna
  • lettuce
  • green beans
  • cucumbers
  • zucchini/summer squash
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • peaches
  • pick your own hot peppers and radishes

Anna’s pizza crust recipe is incredibly easy to make, as long as you have a BIG container because it does expand quite a bit.  I made one batch and it was enough for four pizzas which I made last night, plus some breadsticks which I made this morning.  It’s really just mixing all the ingredients in a bowl or container, putting it in the fridge, and taking out a chunk whenever you’re ready.  As Anna says, it will keep good in the fridge for at least a week.  Love that!

When I took out my portions, I added more flour to make the dough workable, then just placed them on my pans and pushed/rolled/pressed them out to fit the pan (I had to patch up some rips and thin spots).   I then spread a mixture of olive oil, crushed garlic, oregano, salt and pepper onto each crust, then topped some crusts with tomatoes/mozzerella slices/basil, and some with figs/feta/arugula (the basil and arugula was put on after they came out of the oven).  The crust is VERY light, tasty and flavorful, which I sometimes have trouble achieving with other recipes.  And, as I’ve said, it’s EASY EASY EASY!  You could also probably mix herbs and garlic right into the dough, which would make for very tasty breadsticks.



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