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The Farm: 2014

seedling blog photoWhat an absolutely beautiful spring after that long, snowy winter!  Our farmers have been working hard for months, and the farm looks better than ever.  The lettuce this week is absolutely delicious.

I’m making a few changes to the blog this season.  In past years, I have described my CSA share each week, and then gave ideas, recipes, and hopefully some inspiration for what to do with it all.  People that are new to CSAs have found this information helpful in storing and using their veggies, thereby avoiding any dreaded veggie-spoilage.  Going forward, I will no longer post a share description each week, but rather will post sporadically with new ideas and recipes as they come to me.  However, there is plenty of past content here for lots of veggie ideas!  I would love it if you will comment and tell me what YOU are doing with your veggies.

Not many people need help with knowing what to do with their fresh lettuce, but some may be at a loss when it comes to kale.  Over the years, I have really grown to love seeing kale in our shares.  One of my favorite kale recipes is Kale Salad.  Another favorite is a simple dish that Farmer Anne wrote about in an old newsletter and I posted about last year; just replace the arugula with kale, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic and super healthy meal. (If the cherry tomatoes are not yet ready for the season, I use a small can of chopped or diced tomatoes.)

And remember, there are so many great recipes online at sites such as allrecipes, tastespotting, and the many food blogs out there.

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