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CSA Share for 2011 Week Sixteen

This week’s pickup might have been the last one of the season, but it certainly wasn’t the least.  Those bags were HEAVY last night!   In our share this week:

  • kale
  • green peppers
  • leeks
  • celeriac
  • winter squash
  • carrots
  • garlic
  • onions
  • pick-your-own basil

The celeriac is back!  Our farmers have grown this in the past, and I took to it right away.  I’ve used it mostly in my standard veggie soup, but this time I’m absolutely going to try it in the Cream of Celeriac Soup recipe from this week’s newsletter.   An old article from the NPR archives, The Vegetable World’s Ugly Duckling, gives some fun info on this unusual veggie, plus some tasty-sounding recipes.  Leave it to our farmers to widen our veggie horizons!

I’ve got a lot of veggies in my fridge and freezer to get through, so keep checking back throughout the fall and winter for recipe ideas.  🙂

See you all at the farm party!