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CSA Share, Week Four, Day One

A lot of time spent on the veggies today.  I’ve found that, since I pick up my share on Wednesdays, if I plan on spending an hour or so of veggie-time each Thursday, it makes a huge difference in how well I use up my share.  Also, it makes it a lot easier to set aside some time to do all the blanching and freezing at the same time.  I’m much more likely to get it all done that way.  For all the greens, which was a lot this week, I set aside about half of the swiss chard and half of the kale to use fresh throughout the week.  I then blanched and froze the rest of the chard and kale, as well as the rest of the mizuna; these all then went into one bag that I was sure to label, and into the freezer.  Then, I did the same with all the radish greens; my plan is for sometime to use these in a radish greens and potato soup that I found online today.

I then made an arugula pesto (recipe to be posted this weekend).  This, of course, has a very bold taste, and one that I’ve gotten used to.  It’s very good tossed with leftover pasta, which is how I had it today, or you could spread it on bread or toast…or, any other ideas out there?  The bunch of arugula I had made a batch that I split into three 1/2-cup servings; I froze two of these and put the other one in the fridge.  Old small yogurt cups are great for freezing pesto, as you can cover them with plastic wrap and tin foil, and label them right onto the tin foil with marker.

For the swiss chard that I set aside, I washed up one of the big leaves and put it, stem and all, in my daily fruit smoothie.  SO good.  Just put some frozen strawberries, blueberries, and bananas in a blender with some orange juice and water, add some greens, and blend it all up.  I like to use swiss chard because its flavor is not too terribly strong.  Just be prepared to drink your “green” smoothie right away since it gets foamy quickly from the greens added to it.

I finally used some of my radishes!  I grated two of them with a half a carrot in a bowl and added some of my Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.  It was OK, but next time I will use less radishes, and of course this will be better when I start getting CSA carrots.  Quick and easy, though.  And, I am still looking for more radish ideas, so let me know if you have any good ones.

Oh, and, not surprisingly, I got two thumbs down from the kids on the arugula due to its peppery, tangy flavor.  The mizuna wasn’t a big hit, but more tolerable to them than the arugula.  🙂  I think I can get away with mixing a little mizuna in their green salads.